We are FlexiBorder

FlexiBorder® is an innovative garden edging system that is a quick and effective way to create crisp, stylish borders in your garden. Flexible up to 70 degrees FlexiBorder® is able to shape to almost any curve, great for creating a natural landscape in your garden.

Ecoshape Ltd is a family-owned business, based in the Ribble Valley supplying products throughout the UK, Europe and Australia.

We promote and utilise the use of recycled tyres and plastics.

Tyre recycling is an environmentally friendly way of disposing of old and worn tyres.

Reducing air land and water pollution.

Conserving landfill space, eliminating the bulky items.

Preventing the spread of diseases – old tyres are homes for diseased rodents and mosquitoes.

Whilst trying to save the planet, we always endeavour to provide the best customer service.
Our ambition is to provide great products whilst providing a market for end-of-life tyres through research and development, creating further tyre derived products to significantly reduce the number of tyres across the globe.

Why FlexiBorder®


Eco-Friendly - Made entirely of recycled rubber, FlexiBorder is an eco-friendly way to edge your garden’s lawn or borders.

Easy Installation

Quick and easy to install by simply placing the border and fixing it with the colour-coded pins supplied.


Up to a 70° angle, FlexiBorder is great for making curved beds, pathways and other garden features.

Child Friendly

A safe solution for gardens with children, made from recycled rubber with soft, rounded edges.

Lawnmower Safe

Designed to be lawnmower friendly so the wheels travel along the FlexiBorder® and cut to the edge of the lawn in complete safety.


Designed to be safe against different weather conditions.



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