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FREE next day delivery for UK Mainland customers, on orders placed before 2pm. Excluding certain areas of Scotland and the Scottish Highlands.

Case Studies

As Seen on TV

Escape to the Chateau DIY

Dick Strawbridge gives us a sneaky peak of his remarkable renovation installing FlexiBorder

A Satisfied Customer

A beautiful example of FlexiBorder installation by one of our lovely customers in south east Scotland, the edging has helped Nicola redesign her garden to keep the dogs off the mud, Great work Nicola!

Altham Parish Council

Country road flower beds are adorned with FlexiBorder garden edging, Lancashire's Altham Council have purchased the FlexiBorder's in terracotta colour to surround the colourful flower beds on the A628, these will replace the old timber edging that succumbs to the damp weather.

A spokesman for Altham Council said "These borders are a one-time purchase which will reduce costs associated with replacing rotten timber edging".

Palm Brassiere

FlexiBorder is primarily an easy-to-use DIY solution for home installation by keen gardeners and landscape gardeners. However, it is often used as a commercial solution such as edging for campsite pitches, children's play areas and, in this case, a retaining edge for white stone chips at an exclusive restaurant.

For this solution to work instead of using the supplied glass fibre retaining pegs we used expanding bolts that were drilled into the concrete and tarmac surface that securely fixed the FlexiBorder in place.

The supplied pegs were then cut short at the cap to create a seamless finish to the edging and then all that remained was to backfill the space with white stone chips to create a stunning finish.

Martin and Kathy

Our customers, Martin and Kathy, were looking for a way to separate their driveway from the rest of their garden space. They came across FlexiBorder and decided to choose our popular grey garden edging.

Showing FlexiBorder’s versatility, the customer has used our lawn edging to create a curved design around their garden. FlexiBorder can be curved to a 70-degree angle, allowing you to separate areas and frame focal points around your garden.

Our garden edging solution has been built with longevity in mind. As well as being weather-resistant and robust, it is also an environmentally friendly option for your home or business property’s outdoor space.

Martin and Kathy were able to fit FlexiBorder themselves due to our simple installation process.

Here’s what our client had to say about their new lawn edging.

“We are very pleased with the product. Many people have asked us for the details and commented on how good it looks, including our local builder, the postman and many neighbours and friends. Everybody has been so impressed.” - Martin & Kathy.

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“FlexiBorder is like eyeliner for my garden.”

This customer purchased our black garden border edging to add some organisation to their stunning garden and create the ultimate outdoor haven. Full of greenery, this contrasting edging colour makes the garden appear bigger and more uniform.

Using FlexiBorder, the customer has created a combination of sharp and curved edges in the back garden and on the driveway. This is possible due to our fantastic design and simple installation process. FlexiBorder is an extremely versatile product that can be positioned easily and even cut to fit your garden's shape and requirements.

Following the product installation, the customer commented on how easy it was to create the sharp edges they were looking for using our edging solution. Their garden is often visited by squirrels, so having this new garden border keeps the bark tidy for them too. Our customer also added: “FlexiBorder is like eyeliner for my garden.”

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