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Preparing the garden for brighter weather!

Flexiborder guide - preparing your garden for the brighter weather
Let’s have a brain storm ☔️ of all the things we can prepare for those longer lighter days so you. Friends and family can enjoy being together in a well organised garden!  
Are your flower beds neat and tidy? A tidy garden a tidy mind! 
Using the jet wash at this time of year is a great start to clean the  concrete/ flags ect to take away the slippy residue that collects over the cold winter months! This will help prevent slippy accident with children and elders, not forgetting us females wearing heels!   
How do you separate the stones/ soil from your grass area? Creating straight lines or a curve by adding some edging to the perimeters like flexiborder will create a neat well kept look to your garden.
Now preparing the area where the children play, trampolines, sand pits, swing and slide areas, soft play ect… cleaning first is a must to disinfect and wipe away any cobwebs ect. Is this part of the garden safe for the children to play? ( child friendly?) a softer border is a good alternative to  prevent any unwanted injuries from falls and accidents from play.  

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