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Brown FlexiBorder

Brown FlexiBorder

Why Choose Our Brown Garden Edging?

Enhanced Flexibility: The Brown FlexiBorder garden edging is designed to provide exceptional flexibility, accommodating up to a 70° angle. This makes it ideal for creating beautifully curved beds, pathways, and intricate garden features. Tested and certified by the TUV SUD agency, it ensures reliability and quality.

Lawnmower Friendly: Our Brown FlexiBorder is specifically designed to be compatible with lawnmowers. The wheels glide smoothly along the edging, allowing you to mow right to the edge of your lawn for a perfectly neat finish. It can also withstand the use of strimmers, offering durability and convenience.

Effortless Installation: Setting up your Brown FlexiBorder is simple and quick. Arrange it around your garden beds, connect it seamlessly to additional FlexiBorder pieces, and secure it with the included colour-coded pins. The package contains all necessary pins and connectors to make the installation process straightforward.

Eco-Conscious Choice: Constructed entirely from recycled rubber, the Brown FlexiBorder is an environmentally friendly solution for your garden. It offers a sustainable way to define your lawn, borders, pathways, driveways, or other garden elements, contributing to eco-friendly gardening practices.

Safety and Durability: Perfect for creating safe play areas for children, the Brown FlexiBorder is built to last. Its UV and weatherproof design ensures it can withstand the harshest weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for any UK garden. The durable construction guarantees longevity and safety.


Product Information

FlexiBorder® is an innovative garden edging system that is a quick and effective way to create crisp, stylish borders in your garden.

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