How to edge a garden lawn

how to edge a garden lawn

It’s definitely time to start getting your garden summer ready if you haven’t already! In this article, we’re letting you know how to edge a garden lawn.

What is lawn edging?

Lawn edging is the process of separating the grass in your garden from the featured area. A featured area could be paving, soil or flowerbeds. A lawn edging solution is placed around the edge of the grass to provide differentiation.

Lawn edging can be an effective way of reducing the number of weeds appearing in your flower beds. Garden border edging is available in many different materials. When searching for the perfect lawn edge, you need to consider its strength and its appearance.

Our FlexiBorder lawn edging is made out of recycled rubber and is available in a range of colours to suit the design of your garden. Check out our article on the best ideas for flower bed borders to see which edging colours suit which garden designs. We also have an article on the best garden edging ideas.

When is the best time to edge a lawn?

Now is the best time of year to trim your lawn edge. Edging the lawn around the spring means that you can ensure you aren’t going to disturb many plants in the flower bed. The further into the summer months we go, the more plants will have grown and blossomed.

Plus, it’s much better to get the edging done now while the weather is brightening up so that you can relax in the summer months!

when is the best time to edge a lawn

How to trim edges of lawn

You will need some basic gardening tools to achieve a clean finish around your garden lawn. These may include a half-moon edging tool and some garden scissors or long-handled edging shears. You may also require some string or equipment to help build straight lines around the new edge.

How to edge a garden lawn

Mapping out the shape of the garden

First, you will need to use an edging tool to map out the desired shape. A half-moon edger tool would work well to create a new lawn edge.

Many garden edging options can only be used on a straight edge, but that’s where FlexiBorder is different. Our edging can be used on curved angles up to 70 degrees so that you can frame a centre point in your garden.

lawn edging tools

Cutting around the grass edge

If you’re planning to cut a more curved design, you may find it useful to use some string to guide your edging tool around the garden. Then, carefully use the tool and long-handled grass shears to cut away any grass you no longer want along the edge line.

Tidy up the lawn edges

Sometimes when we mow the lawn, it can be a challenge to get right to the edges and create crisp lines. With this in mind, you can use garden scissors to cut away any excess grass. You may also find it useful to use a sharp knife to cut away any grass that has grown around paving stones. This will give your outdoor space a clean and tidy feel.

how to trim edges of lawn

Add the garden edging

Before you get to the point of laying your garden edging, you need to ensure that you have enough. Our edging comes in metre lengths and can be cut easily using a handsaw.

FlexiBorder is secured into the ground using quality pegs. The pegs sit in the soil and hold the product in place. This is important because some border edging solutions can easily become loose and therefore get damaged. Find out how to install lawn edging.

Not only is FlexiBorder strong and weather-resistant, but its rubber material also makes it a long-lasting choice for your outdoor space. The edging isn’t just used for gardens but also for sports grounds and outdoor play areas.

how to cut edges of lawn

Why should I consider lawn edging?

Lawn edging is a sure way to transform your garden, and once it’s done, it requires little maintenance. It can really add definition to your garden and make the space look even bigger. Plus, if there’s an area of the garden you don’t want people to walk on, adding a clean edge is a great way to reduce the chances.

Additionally, FlexiBorder is known for being a lawn-mower-friendly edging solution. This is a valuable benefit as it means that you can always reach the edges of the lawn, saving you from having to go back over it with garden scissors. FlexiBorder has been designed so that wheels glide over it effortlessly when mowing lawns.

Do you think it’s time to create a more beautiful design in your garden? Then why not consider FlexiBorder? Check out our range of striking colours on our online shop. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, our team are always on hand to help.

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