How to install lawn edging

How to install lawn edging

Are you thinking about how to improve your garden and how to install lawn edging? We can see why, lawn edging is a great way to create a more impressive garden design.

What is FlexiBorder?

FlexiBorder is the perfect lawn edging solution, made from old, destroyed tyres, which makes it much stronger than plastic lawn edging. We use a product that can be recycled repeatedly, making FlexiBorder an environmentally friendly option for your garden edging.

Our FlexiBorder lawn edging is manufactured in one-metre lengths. Each one-metre section of FlexiBorder comes with five ground pins and two joint pins. This allows you to join sections of FlexiBorder to create your ideal garden design.

Each metre section of our garden border edging weighs 2.6kg, so you can be confident that you’re using a sturdy border. Due to various weather conditions, it is crucial that your border is made from strong materials.

How to install lawn edging

Before you begin to install your lawn edging, make sure that you have the correct lengths to cover your desired border area. FlexiBorder can be ordered in various metre lengths, ranging from 2 metres up to 60 metres. Of course, more can be purchased should you require it. Your delivery will include step-by-step instructions on how to install the edge. Use a tape measure to mark out the area accurately.

How to install lawn edging

Lay out your edging

Laying out your lawn edging allows you to check that you have the right amount and gives you an idea of what the finished design will look like. We recommend keeping the pegs close to each section of the product, so you don’t lose them. Spare pegs can be purchased from our website should you require them.

Dig out the border

This is an important step so that you can install the border exactly where you need it to go. Each section of the border is 8cm wide and 8cm deep, so this should give you an idea of how far you need to dig into the soil.

Place the border

Once you are happy with the depth of the dug-out border, you can begin placing the FlexiBorder product. Don’t worry if you find that the product is too long for a space, as it can be cut easily. A saw can be used to adjust the length based on your measurements.

Securing the border

The border is secured in place using nylon pegs that will be included in your order. When you are satisfied with the placement, you can secure each border section in place. When bordering round areas, some people prefer to secure the border as they go. It’s up to you which method works best. The pegs can be secured using a hammer.

Connecting one border to the next

We’re sure that you want your garden edging to be secure and fit well, which is why FlexiBorder uses compact connectors. To connect two borders, slide a connector onto each of the pre-drilled holes. These are included in your order and create a seamless finish for your garden.

What happens if a peg breaks?

Our pegs are made using strong, durable nylon, but sometimes they can get damaged due to hard items underground. If this happens, try to remove the item before trying again. Spare pegs can be ordered from our website. Each peg is 16.5cm in length, ensuring a secure fitting when creating a lawn border.

Installing lawn edging

Installing lawn edging

High-quality lawn edging should be easy to install. FlexiBorder uses push-in pins and knock-in ground fixing pins which are both made from nylon. Each pin is used to secure the FlexiBorder edging into place. Our design creates a snug finish, so you don’t need to worry about gaps in your garden design.

Where can lawn edging be used?

FlexiBorder is commonly used for lawn edging; however, it also has many other uses. For example, FlexiBorder can separate a flowerbed, ponds, church graves, paths, driveways, child’s play areas, caravan park gardens, sports arenas, theme parks and golf courses.

Many lawn edging solutions can only be fitted in a straight line, making them only suitable for small areas or square gardens. FlexiBorder is different and is made using high-quality rubber, giving it great flexibility.

Our lawn edging can be used on both corners and curves in your garden. High flexibility means that each strip can bend around 70-degree curves so that you can follow the contours of your outdoor space. This flexibility also means that you can fit the border around circular areas. We recommend using 6-metre lengths to create an impressive circular design.

lawnmower safe garden edging

What can be done with our lawn edging?

FlexiBorder edging can be purchased in a variety of colours. These include grey, black, brown, green and terracotta. So, whether you’re after grey garden edging or terracotta garden beds, we’ve got you. Our range of colours means you can match your garden edging to your garden furniture and create an appealing outdoor space. FlexiBorder is the perfect way to separate your lawn from your garden bed.

FlexiBorder can be used on real grassroots and plastic lawn. Don’t worry about installing your border too close to grass; our strong solution is lawn mower safe. This allows the wheels to glide effortlessly over the landscape edging, whether you’ve created round or straight borders.

Do you want to create a more impressive garden? Perhaps show off a flower bed or fill a space? FlexiBorder is a great way to make your garden look more organised. Take a look at our lawn edging solutions for more information. We hope this article has been useful for you on how to install lawn edging. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly team are always happy to help.

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