What is lawn edging?

What is lawn edging for garden

Are you searching for a way to separate your garden but need help figuring out where to start? Lawn edging is a great way to add appeal to your garden and separate various areas. In this article, we’re answering the question, what is lawn edging?

What is lawn edging?

Garden border edging is a landscaping technique that involves defining the borders of your garden bed, pathways or lawn. It helps to create a clean, neat and organised look in your outdoor space.

FlexiBorder is a fantastic lawn edging solution. The product is made using recycled rubber, making it an environmentally friendly option for your garden. You can get metal lawn edging, brick edging, plastic, stone and even wood.

How deep should lawn edging be?

Lawn edge options are available in a range of depths. Some edging solutions allow you to decide the depth yourself. Before purchasing, consider how deep you would like the edging to be. There is generally no right or wrong depth; it’s up to you to decide what you prefer.

FlexiBorder lawn edging uses pins to secure it into the ground. This can be completed using a hammer. Using pins allows you to select the depth you would like the lawn edging to be. The pins will secure the edging from around halfway into the ground and be most secure when fully inserted.

How deep should lawn edging be

What is the purpose of edging a lawn?

There are many reasons why you may decide to edge your lawn. Many people choose to add garden edging for a more clean aesthetic in the garden. Others use it to separate certain areas, such as flower beds and play areas.

FlexiBorder can be used in home gardens and community areas such as playgrounds or sports fields.

A robust garden edging should help you to keep mulch, soil and other items away from your beautiful garden. High-quality edging may be available in a range of colours. This allows you to match the edging to the rest of your design. Find out more about how to install lawn edging.

What are the benefits of lawn edging?

Lawn edging is a great idea for any garden. There are many benefits of using edging in your garden space. It could be the final touch that your outdoor area needs!

Impressive garden with surrounding borders

Our lawn edging looks excellent! If you’re looking to create a stunning design, then you need FlexiBorder. Lawn edging can increase your home’s curb appeal drastically. This can be a huge benefit for those looking to sell their homes in the future.

It’s not just about having a barrier between your lawn and your flower bed. It’s the visual appeal of having a bright lawn, attractive edging, and beautiful flowers!

Separates garden areas with a clean edge

Do you have an area of the garden that you’d rather people didn’t walk over? Or do you want to create a specific place for people to relax outdoors? FlexiBorder is the perfect solution for separating garden areas for whatever purpose you wish.

A solid lawn edging solution creates a natural border for people to follow. So, whether you’re separating flowerbeds or a swing set, FlexiBorder is a great option for creating distinct garden areas.

lawn edging design

Neat edge barrier for plants

Sometimes plants and weeds can end up growing a little wild in the garden. Quality edging may reduce the chances of these growing across the garden border. This means you can benefit from spending less time dealing with those pesky weeds!

Having a solution that reduces the spread of weeds is even more important if you are using mulch or other organic materials in the garden. These materials can provide the perfect breeding ground for weeds.

Versatile & flexible lawn edges

Unlike many other garden edging solutions, FlexiBorder is a highly flexible option. FlexiBorder can be used to create curved borders as well as straight lines for a nice sharp edge. Each border is supplied in metre lengths. Together, the border pieces can be curved to a 70-degree angle. This means that you could even use FlexiBorder around a pond or other circular area. Many choose to use the product around trees or other garden features, such as water features.

FlexiBorder can also be cut easily using a saw. This allows you to fit the border against any edge in your garden.

Lawnmower friendly

One huge benefit that people often look for in a lawn edging solution is that it is mowing-friendly. Our FlexiBorder product is totally lawnmower friendly, allowing you to glide the wheels over the edging without causing damage. So you don’t need to worry about your lawn mower wheel dropping off the edging and causing damage.

You can use a garden hose to clean the lawn edges whenever you need to. This will help to keep the colours bright and protect the lawn edges.

Strong solution for lawn edges

FlexiBorder is a strong solution for your garden. We use recycled rubber from old tyres for our borders, so they are extremely robust. Each piece of FlexiBorder comes in a range of colours, such as grey garden edging, brown, terracotta, black and green.

With your new lawn edge being outside, it’s important that it is weather-proof and can stand the test of time. FlexiBorder does exactly that, all while looking impressive too!

There are many benefits of lawn edging to consider. It’s not just about the impressive appeal that it can create for your garden, but it also helps you to spend less time worrying about garden weeds!

What is the purpose of edging a lawn


FlexiBorder comes in a range of colours so that you can create a neat and organised garden. Whether you’re working with straight edges or a curved angle, FlexiBorder is a strong edging that’s created with longevity as a priority.

We hope this article has been useful regarding lawn edging. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your garden design or a lawn edging solution. Our team are always happy to help.

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